Monica Neff 

My Philosophy- 

I believe that treating my clients "the way I would want to be treated by a professional in any industry" is key to my success in business. Offering my professional advice, guidance and protection to help clients acheive their ulimate and ideal real estate needs is my mission !!! I have built my business and professional/ personal reputation by forging relationships based on trust, confidnce, respect and years of experience in this industry.  

I bellieve that in order to be an excellent real estate professional, a broker must possess these qualities.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Comprehensive community and market knowledge
  • Strong communicating skills
  • Valuable negotiation skills acquired with years of experience
  • Strategic marketing plans for all cenerios 
  • Well established profesional network

These are all qualities and skills I have mastered in my 20 years in the real estate industry. 

In order to best serve my clients, it is critical for me to be easily accessible, an effective communicator, a good listener, and responding to my clients’ needs as efficiently as possible. 

My goals are to create, develop, and maintain long-lasting and trusting relationships with my clients. Being technologically savvy is another asset to have as searches, services and listings can be performed much more efficiently, quickly and effectively. 

Please contact me anytime.  Whether you need advice on selling, buying, negotiating with your loan servicing agency or even refinancing your home. 

I am always here to offer my professional and sometimes personal advice.


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